The Hartley Show Favourites of 2015, and Beyond!

Its the beginning of February so its better time to reminisce on the best of 2015?!? Watch Hartley Holmberg and find out what were the Hartley Show fans favourite geekery of 2015.

On this episode of the Hartley Show:

Hartley Show 2015 Favourites

Hartley asks the members of the crew and patrons of Tazmanian Comics what were their favourite comic books, movies, and games of 2015. Find out what graphic novels people are reading. What people were watching (when they were not watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, of course), and find out what comics and TV shows Hartley Holmberg liked best of all in 2015.Then, stay with Hartley Holmberg to find out what are people are getting excited for in 2016?

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What comic books and geekery are you looking forward too?

Is it Batman v Superman in movies, or is it the upcoming EA game: Mass Effect Andromeda?

Let us know in the comments!