Hartley Show vs. the Sixth Dimension: Episode V

The Hartley Show presents the Sixth Dimension: Episode V.

Hartley travels to The Sixth Dimension to face the Antagonist and rescue his friends, the Hartley Show Crew. Will he succeed?  Ladies and gentlemen … the shit is about to get real – kinda.

The Hartley Show Vs The Sixth Dimension: Episode V

zombie reappears in Sixth Dimension: Episode YThe Sixth Dimension: Episode V is the final instalment in this part-live action, part-machinama series featuring the Hartley Show crew facing of against the Antagonist of Los Santos. Featuring a few special appearances from previous Harley Show characters (like the Scientist and the Zombie of the Break Room) this inter-series set of vignettes has the team confronting the dangers of the portal again.

The Hartley Show is a satirical geek review show that on occasion offers vignettes like the Hartley Show vs. the Sixth Dimension. It is entering its seventh season and can be seen here, on the official Hartley Show website, or on Youtube. We hope you enjoy and remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

Written and Directed By: Carlo Fanella – Produced By: Hartley Holmberg, Barry Nerling and Carlo Fanella – Co-Produced By: Steve Gerwing and Troy Rudolph – Camera Operator: Steve Gerwing and Troy Rudolph – Sound Operator and Editor: Barry Nerling – Edited By: Barry Nerling and Carlo Fanella – Starring: Hartley Holmberg, Barry Nerling, Carlo Fanella, Troy Rudolph and Steve Gerwing as ‘Steve’ – The Fireworks Factory Media Digital Players are: Carlo Fanella, Richard Thompson, Speidr Thorne and Mike Tilus – Make Up Effects: Brooke West – Hair Design and Effects: Sharon Markell – Digital Effects Supervisor: Barry Nerling – Featured Music: ‘Waltz II from Jazz Suite #2′ Composed by Dimitri Shostakovich – ‘Fire Storm’ Produced and Composed by David Arnold and Nicholas Dodd 



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