The Hartley Show vs. the Sixth Dimension – Episode Two

The Hartley Show Presents…

The Hartley Show Vs The Sixth Dimension: Episode II

Hartley and The Crew continue to hurry up and wait for their guest to arrive for an interview. Barry decides to distract himself with some tedious, busy work. That decision may cost him dearly.

Written and Directed By: Carlo Fanella – Produced By: Hartley Holmberg, Barry Nerling and Carlo Fanella – Co-Produced By: Steve Gerwing and Troy Rudolph – Camera Operator: Steve Gerwing and Troy Rudolph – Sound Operator and Editor: Barry Nerling – Edited By: Barry Nerling and Carlo Fanella – Starring: Hartley Holmberg, Barry Nerling, Carlo Fanella, Troy Rudolph and Steve Gerwing as ‘Steve’ – The Fireworks Factory Media Digital Players are: Carlo Fanella, Richard Thompson, Speidr Thorne and Mike Tilus – Make Up Effects: Brooke West – Hair Design and Effects: Sharon Markell – Digital Effects Supervisor: Barry Nerling – Featured Music: ‘Waltz II from Jazz Suite #2′ Composed by Dimitri Shostakovich – ‘Fire Storm’ Produced and Composed by David Arnold and Nicholas Dodd 

Footage from The Sixth Dimension filmed and edited in Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto V is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. For more information visit