Hartley talks Dr. Strange!

Doctor Strange is the topic of this episode of the Hartley Show and Hartley Holmberg has plenty of history and future to discuss with this strange Marvel character and by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, Hartley can’t shut up about the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange!

On this episode of the Hartley Show

Doctor Strange on the Hartley Show

Dr. Strange first appeared in Strange Tales #110 and draws his powers from the mystic arts. He serves as Sorcerer Supreme and the protector of Earth, defending humanity from and promoting super-human rights. His primary power is the manipulation of the magical forces of the universe. Created by Stan Lee the characters history traces back to 1963, his debut, and over the years the character has gone through a few revisions and is poised for a return to the Marvel Universe, perhaps in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

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From a small appearance in a graphic novel over a half a century ago, Doctor Strange has developed on and off the page, increasing his popularity in the Marvel Universe.


Are you excited about seeing Doctor Strange in the movies? Should magic stay in the comics? We really want to know (it’ll help us settle a bet)?