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Stephen Sadowski

Stephen Sadowski at FanExpo Vancouver

Hartley Talks to comic artist and his former puppet master Steve Sadowski at FanExpo Vancouver about his comics, the Avengers and Invaders, and other nerdy stuff! Stephen Sadowski


Hartley Chats with Ty Templeton

Hartley talks to legendary Canadian artist Ty Templeton about comics and all sorts of geekery at Fan Expo 2016 in Vancouver. Learn about his current and past work and that time he almost died. Good times!! MoreWATCH THIS EPISODE

Hartley Show reviews comics and geekery

From the Hartley Show Desk

Reporting from the brand new Hartley Holmdesk, our host gives a review of recent comics! There are some exciting winners, some understandable losers and the on going challenge of pronouncing the word ‘mostly’. The reviewsWATCH THIS EPISODE

Ironman on the Hartley Show

Hartley Show talks Ironman

This week on the Hartley Show Hartley Holmberg talks Ironman. Ironman first appeared in the ‘Tales of Suspense’, (despite what Hartley may have said) and since then, the Ironman has continued to evolve, both theWATCH THIS EPISODE

Aaron Harrison at his Harrison Arts studio on the Hartley Show

Hartley Heads to Harrison Arts

This week on the Hartley Show Hartley heads into Harrison Arts to talk to Aaron Harrision. Aaron Harrison is a friend to the Hartley Show. You might remember him as Drunk Batman, Deathstroke and Meatbag.WATCH THIS EPISODE

Bouze & Dubis presented by the Hartley Show

Bouze & Dubis: Les Bonnes

Get ready for the full on return of Bouze & Dubis in their first full-length episode: Bouze & Dubis: Les Bonnes After the harrowing events from their last episode, can these two, hard boiled, hung-over,WATCH THIS EPISODE

Hartley Show - Interrogates the Strangle

Hartley talks to Mark Gibbon!

Mark Gibbon, voice actor, appears on the Hartley Show with Hartley Holmberg and talks about his voice acting, and on-screen work in Superman and Fairly Odd Parents as  Jorgen Von Strangle. On this episode ofWATCH THIS EPISODE